Do You Have A “Oh Sh*t Kit”?

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50 Things To Include In Your Bridal Emergency Kit!

The Shemergency® Survival Kit for Brides by Pinch Provisions® is a pouch brimming with 50 wedding essentials, in a chic, midsize shape! The kit’s must-haves are neatly arranged in interior pockets, making it the perfect match for any bride-to-be.

The Shemergency Survival Kit’s 50 essentials include:

+ Hair spray 

+ Folding hair brush/comb 

+ 2 clear elastics 

+ 10 Bobby Pins – Once your hairstylist has left the building, you’ll be thankful to have these truly essential items on hand. Hair ties, a brush or comb, and hairspray are also good additions.

+ 2 Earring Backs – Wedding day bling is something that can not be ignored or forgotten. It’s not uncommon for these to go missing, so stash a couple in your kit to make sure that the next thing that disappears isn’t the earring itself.

+ Hand Lotion – Lotion isn’t just for rehydrating dry patches of skin; it can also tame flyaway hairs just in case hairspray isn’t cutting it.

+ Nail clipper

+ Emery board 

+ Clear Nail Polish – Stocking the kit with whatever shades the bride and bridesmaids are wearing is great, but the most important one to have is the clear topcoat. A nail file is also important, just in case you nail polish chips or a nail gets caught on something.

+ 2 nail polish remover pads 

+ Mending Kit – Scissors, needle and thread, extra buttons, and safety pins come in handy for all types of situations. Be sure that your sewing kit has thread in black, white, and whatever color matches the bridesmaid dresses.

+ Safety pin

+ 5 Double-Sided Tape Strips – If you’ve never heard of fabric tape (or fashion tape), just know that you’re absolutely going to want some in your wedding day emergency kit. If a hem starts to fall or a bodice starts to slip, fabric tape can keep it in place when safety pins can’t.

+ 2 Stain Removing Towelettes – Another must-have in any emergency kit. Stock up on a couple, just in case something gets spilled on any important article of clothing—especially the bride’s dress.

+ Static remover

+ Breath Freshener – Bad breath is something that all of the wedding planning in the world can’t prevent. Keeping mints or a mini mouthwash will keep it at bay so you can keep smiling and chatting all night long. 

+ 2 Single-Use Dental Floss – While it may not feel like a wedding day emergency at the time, having food stuck in your teeth can really ruin photos. Be sure to check your smile (and everyone else’s!) each time you eat.

+ Pain Reliever – Your pain reliever of choice is a must-have in your emergency bridal kit. Additionally, medicines for indigestion, allergies, and headaches should also be included. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

+ Antacid

+ 2 Deodorant Towelettes – It’s called a big day for a reason. You may start the day smelling fab, but reapplication will probably be necessary (especially during a night of dancing).

+ Tampon – Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, someone else might. No one wants to stress out about making a pharmacy run mid-reception to avoid any leaking, so have a good supply just in case. 

+ 2 adhesive bandages

+2 facial tissues

+ Blotting Tissues – These are a necessity in any wedding day emergency kit to help absorb shine and oil throughout the day.

+ Tweezers – Much like the razor, you never know when you’ll need to get rid of a stray hair or two. Tweezers also fit into small places such as buttonholes if you need to fix one.

+ Blister balm

+ Extra wedding bands

+ Drinking Straw – Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and straws let everyone’s lipstick stay intact.

+ and Sandpaper. 


Pick your’s up today!

Have a fabulous week,

Jenn & Maddy


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