Everyone from the groom to grandpa should give their wedding attire more than a passing thought. After all, we’re talking about the suit you’ll be wearing on one of the biggest days of your life. Whether you’re trying to choose wedding attire for just the groom, the entire wedding party, or just need some help with men’s wedding guest attire, we can point you in the right direction.

With your big day soon approaching, you'll want to look your absolute best. And at Blush Bridal Studio we have everything you'll need from wedding tuxedos, wedding suits and more for both you and your groomsmen. Blush Bridal Studio offers wedding suits & tuxedo rentals from the finest designers, as well as the option to buy if you would prefer to invest in your wedding day attire.

For Rent or for Keeps

Blush Bridal Studio has been an Elite Provider with Jim’s Formal Wear for the past eight years.

We only rent from the best designers in the industry, which is why we believe that Michael Kors Ultra Slim Fit and Slim Fit Tuxedos and Suits are your go-to choice for a timeless look with an updated, flattering fit. These sharp looking suits & Tuxedos are available in classic black, navy or steel grey colors, with new colors now becoming available.

Known for being fashion-forward, you will feel polished and stylish when you wear a Michael Kors ensemble for your next big event. The quality fabrics work for events of all types from a wedding day to formal, cocktail attire to a simple work event or interview. 

Jim's Formal Wear

In addition to Michal Kors, we also have a selection of Allure Men suits for rent. Allure Men is an eye-catching line. Featuring materials of the highest quality, a modern slim silhouette, and fashion-forward styling, slim fit suits from Allure Men are tailored to fit all body types - including big and tall sizes.

Whether you’re shopping for a suit for prom, quinceañeras, charity dinners, or weddings, the Allure Men suit line is the perfect choice for any formal event.


Allure Men

Allure Men presents modern suiting which beautifully blends classic lines with thoughtful detailing and an on-trend fit. Their Brunswick Collection from Allure Men features classic lines with the widest range of colors. In addition to this line is their Venice Velvet Collection which lends richness and sheen to their newest collection of wedding suits.

New to Allure Men is the beautiful Women’s Tuxedo. From the rehearsal dinner to engagement photos to the after-party and the aisle, this tuxedo pant, jacket, can be paired with our corset top, which is sure to make a statement.

Allure Men

For the Modern Gentleman

Groomsmen Consultation 

60 minutes

This appointment is designed to take the pressure off of our grooms. Sometimes too many opinions can be a little stressful, so this appointment is just for the groom and the bride. We use this time to look through our styles to determine if we have what the groom is looking for and to complete his wedding party's wedding day look. During our time together we also set up our grooms profile for colors and styles, and gather all of your groomsmen’s information. If time allows, we will also take the opportunity to measure the groom and get his attire ordered. Once this is established, additional groomsmen can then give us a call to set up their Groomsmen Measurements appointment. 

This appointment is also available to those Grooms who want to purchase their suit.


Groomsmen Measurements Appointment 

30 minutes

This appointment is available after the ‘Groomsmen Consultation' appointment. We use this time to visit with each of our groomsmen to get their measurements and place their deposit on their suit, which will then be ordered. We will be asking to keep a credit card on file for every rental this season, due to issues we have had in the past with damages and late returns.

If you are from out of town and will not be able to schedule a Groomsmen Measurements appointment with us, we can help you find a Jim’s Formalwear provider close to where you live and they will be able to provide you with measurements, which you can then call into us. As a disclaimer, we cannot be responsible for measurements that are not done in our store. If new items need to be ordered due to incorrect sizing, it will be the responsibility of that groomsmen to cover those additional costs.


Bros & Brews Premier Menswear Appointment

120 minutes - $150

This appointment is for the groom who wants all of his groomsmen to be a part of the fun. Our Menswear suite used for this appointment can accommodate up to 6 plus the groom. Included with this appointment is 1 bottle of craft beer for each groomsman attending. A $150 deposit is charged for this appointment. While the suits are being ordered, $100 of this cost will then be split among each groomsmen ordering a suit with us to go towards the final rental cost. 


All deposits are non-refundable & are charged at the time your appointment is scheduled

Yes! Our store is by appointment only. You can book your appointment either online or by calling our store.

These are the different appointment types we offer:
• Groomsmen Consultation (Groom & Bride) 60 minutes
• Groomsmen Measurements (1 trying on) 30 minutes
• Bros & Brews Premier Groomsmen Appointment (up to 6 trying on) $150 - This appointment cannot be booked until after the groom has come in for his Groomsmen Consultation


Do I need an appointment?


Our Men’s Wear Specialist will be available in store on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:00pm to 7:00pm, as well as two Saturdays a month from 9:30am to 2:00pm. 


When are Menswear appointments available?


Unfortunately due to damages to suits, as well as late returns we are having to collect this information from everyone who rents a suit with us. We have had to pay the late fees and for damages that have occurred in the past due to groomsmen not taking responsibility for these fees, and we are just not able to cover this cost. 


Why does each groomsman have to keep a credit card on file?


We like to have your profile set up about 3 to 4 months before your wedding date. Many of the styles that we like to suggest are pretty popular, so we want to get your profile submitted early to ensure that the styles that you want are available for your big day. Groomsmen measurements should be taken and or submitted no later than one month before wedding day.


When should I come in for my Groomsman Consultation? When should my groomsmen come in and get measured?





Planning a wedding is a lot of hard work, and can be quiet overwhelming. but, we have your back! we work with some of the best in the industry and want to share all of our tips and tricks we have learned over the years. 

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